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45kg CO2 Wheeled Extinguisher

45kg CO2 Wheeled Extinguisher – Twin

45kg CO2 Wheeled Extinguisher – Twin, complete with 20ft (6mtr) x 1/2″ Discharge Hose and Plastic Horn with on/off ball valve

Product Code: FST4-045-000


Product Description

Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are used particularly where cleanliness is required. They are also very Effective for electrical hazards such as computers and electrical switchgear and machinery. Carbon Dioxide is also used on class B (flammable liquid) fires.


  • CE marked in accordance with the PED
  • Colour coded screen
  • Quality steel cylinder
  • Quality assured for long life
  • Designed for long service in harsh conditions
  • Manufactured in the UK


Additional Information

Length of Discharge Hose

6 Meter – standard length, 10 Meter, 12 Meter, 15 Meter

Complete with CO2 Lance

115cm CO2 Lance, 225cm CO2 Lance, Plastic Horn – standard

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