Supply of Abandonment Suits to North Sea Operator

July 16, 2016

Flameskill were asked by the client to provide a turnkey supply, and future service, of new abandonment suits.

Together with our supply partner Viking Life-Saving Equipment, and after extensive trials and tests, up against many brands and manufactures, Flameskill were awarded the order. The supply to platforms will be on-going over the coming months.

The client’s key requirements were quality and performance of the product, given this is a key piece of life-saving equipment. Flameskill were able to offer this as well as substantial cost saving, both now, and over the total life of the abandonment suit.

As well as the supply of the abandonment suits, Flameskill also provided the Jo Bird cabinets to house the suits on the platforms. The total number of new suits supplied was in excess of 1200.

Click here for abandonment suits.


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