Fire Monitors


Within our range of fire monitors, we have a solution to any specific requirement or specification. We have lightweight, portable personal monitors, oscillating monitors, lever-operated and geared monitors, wheeled monitors, and fixed monitors – all with options of being standard or self-inducing versions.

We have fire monitors that are lightweight, small and compact for ease of stowage and which are used by many UK fire authorities. The range goes all the way through to trailer-mounted foam monitors used around large industrial sites, including power generation and petrochemical sites.

Monitors used for the offshore and marine industry are manufactured from gunmetal or stainless steel to withstand harsh environments. Fixed foam monitors for offshore helideck Installations can be completely designed and calculated to meet CAA and your requirements. Whether it’s a self-inducing monitor nozzle, bladder tank or other methods of foam induction, Flameskill can help.

Flameskill offers a service to test the flow and pressure rates of helideck monitors. In order to enable our clients to meet CAP 437 Helideck Fire Fighting Equipment requirements, we are now able to provide a monitor performance service, using our calibrated digital flow testing unit. At the same time, we will collect foam samples, and test them in our dedicated onshore foam test lab.

PFD Helideck Monitor Flow & Pressure Test/Service



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