FOGTEC High Pressure Water Mist

Flameskill is a UK distributor for FOGTEC High-pressure water mist systems.

People, assets, and buildings are protected quickly and with far less water damage when compared to a traditional sprinkler system.  Using just 10% of the water a traditional sprinkler system would use, FOGTEC is the perfect choice for upgrade works and new systems requiring a smaller water tank.

FOGTEC systems operate at pressures between 50 to 200 bar. The high pressure atomises water generating a massive reaction surface area and therefore resulting in extremely efficient cooling. Energy is withdrawn from the fire rapidly and effectively. The cooling effect protects people and property from the effects of radiated heat.  High-pressure water mist systems also reduce damage from smoke as they clean particles in the air, removing smoke.

FOGTEC water mist systems can be operated by various methods.  Electric and diesel pumps are an option alongside water and nitrogen cylinders with a connecting manifold.





Special water mist nozzles are the heart of every FOGTEC system. Water is atomised via nozzle outlets, permitting variation of the spray pattern (spray angle), flow rate and droplet distribution according to the specific application.

FOGTEC misting systems are optimised for the relevant application in terms of droplet sizes used. As a result, the water mist systems are particularly effective and require only very small quantities of water, meaning the system components, including pipes and pumps, have a very small overall construction size.

Fogtec Water Mist



  • 100% environmentally friendly and completely non-hazardous for people
  • No pre-warning or delay is required before activation
  • No sealed rooms required
  • No area limitation
  • Use as room protection and to protect raised floors
  • Binds soot particles and washes out combustion gases
  • Minimal water damage
  • No dependency on extinguishing gas manufacturers
  • Extinguishing agent produces no corrosive by-products

High-pressure water mist is used in buildings for a wide variety of reasons.  Just a few of the versatile uses and building types are listed below:

  • Industrial and kitchen deep-fat fryers
  • Protection for lithium-ion battery storage
  • Equipment and transformer rooms
  • Engineer test cells
  • CNC Machinery and hydraulic presses
  • Paint shops and coating lines
  • Storage/production of flammable liquids
  • Turbines and generators
  • Ships and offshore platforms
  • Mobile fire fighting
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Archives & Museums
  • Historic buildings
  • Data centres
  • Server rooms
  • Power stations
  • Laboratories
  • Rail systems
  • Tunnel systems


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