Fire Suppression Systems

Foam Systems/Deluge

Mainly used on large applications where water or gas cannot be used. These tend to be external such as transformers, oil tanks and oil storage silos.

A simple sprinkler open deluge type system with heads spread around the risk. A foam concentrate is mixed with the water to provide the typical expanding agent (the same as with extinguishers).

Will need a large amount of fabrication work to support the pipework, valves and heads.


  • Good for external areas.
  • Covers large areas.
  • Protects flammable liquids – suitable for airports, aircraft hangers, oil storage.


  • Foam deluge is a wet agent, so electrical risk needs to be considered.
  • Messy – clean up required.
  • Same disadvantages as sprinklers for water and pump supplies, although because of the expanding effects of foam sometimes not as much water is required.


  • Machine spaces
  • Tunnels
  • Switch rooms
  • Transportation
  • Generators (local application)
  • Fuel stores
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Storage silos
  • Machines/processes that are outdoors



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