Fire Suppression Systems

Kitchen Fire Suppression

Flameskill can offer Amerex systems that provide the widest choice of approved kitchen fire detection and suppression systems in the marketplace, with options to suit every scenario.

The system is listed by Underwriters Laboratories and tested to standard UL300. It is also approved by LPCB (LPS1223)

We can offer two Amerex systems to meet the industries varying needs.

Amerex KP Restaurant Fire Suppression System

KP provides appliance-specific coverage that typically offers lower initial costs. It is ideal for uses where appliance location is fixed such as in fast-food chains, casual dining, cruise ships and school cafeterias.

Amerex ZD Restaurant Fire Suppression System

ZD adds greater flexibility by letting you reconfigure a kitchen or move appliances without moving nozzles, which are equally spaced and situated high out of the way of the kitchen staff. Due to the adaptability, this system is the most cost-effective choice over the life of the system, if the cooking configuration is altered. OEMs and canopy fabricators can often install most if not all of the pipework within a canopy before installing it on site. In most cases, it provides a more aesthetic, factory-fitted presentation, showing less pipework. The ZD system was designed with fine dining, culinary schools, military facilities, hotels and hospitals in mind.

Flameskill can carry out installation and servicing of Ansul R102 Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems on Offshore Platforms and Marine Vessels. Flameskill has all the certifications required to carry out this work.



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