Fire Suppression Systems

Watermist Fire Suppression

Water Mist Fire Suppression is a simple but effective solution, which works only when the heat is sufficient to draw in the microparticles of water.

As the heat intensifies, water droplet particles are drawn into the fuel/heat mixture, creating a cooling effect and extinguishing the fire.

Water Mist systems – with high and low-pressure options – are not suitable for IT infrastructure or in installations that will be harmed by the discharge.

High-Pressure Water Mist Fire Suppression

  • Ecological. Does not harm the environment
  • Safe for the protection of equipment and occupied areas
  • Minimal water damage
  • Efficient for flammable liquid fires
  • Electrically non-conductive (use of demineralised water)
  • Rapid temperature reduction
  • Independent system or pumping equipment
  • Economical. The minimum cost of extinguishing agent

Low-Pressure Water Mist Fire Suppression

  • Used for control or suppression
  • Less water than traditional sprinklers
  • Low flow nozzles
  • Large area coverage than traditional sprinklers
  • Lower K Factor
  • Less water quantity per area of maximum operations
  • Installation cost benefits include the use of smaller diameter pipe, smaller pump sets and smaller capacity supply water tanks.
  • Galvanised, copper or high-density plastic pipe
  • Pressure 2.5 to 8 bar
  • Pump systems



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