Flameskill become agents/distributors for Ultra Fog Water Mist Systems

June 6, 2018

Flameskill are happy to announce we have teamed up with Ultra Fog Fire Extinguishing Systems to become an agent/distributor for their water mist systems.

Ultra Fog is an international brand founded Gothenburg, Sweden in 1991. Ultra Fog specialises in the development, design and application of high pressure watermist sprinkler systems. This high performance product line results from a continuous program of research and development, extensive certification and type approvals, and quality controlled manufacturing.

High pressure water mist is very effective in extinguishing fires. The Ultra Fog High Pressure water mist fire protection system produces a very fine mist of micro water droplets by forcing clean water through a specially designed, patented high pressure nozzle.

In a fire scenario the resulting mist reduces the heat in the enclosure very quickly, the expansion of the mist from water to steam aids the suppression process by reducing the amount of oxygen feeding the fire. Clean water used in the Ultra Fog systems, filtered by the pump station, is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and people safe.

Flameskill can offer customised systems to fit almost every need. We design, install and commission. Please contact us for more details.


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