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750C Constant Flow Fire Nozzle

Flameskill 750 Constant Flow Mainline Fire Nozzle

Flameskill 750C Constant Flow Mainline Fire Nozzle

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Product Description

The Flameskill 750C Constant Flow Mainline Fire Nozzle represents the state of the art mainline nozzle design, providing a powerful long range main jet with a coherent stream pattern, combined with high performance water spray patterns.

The computer designed waterway maximised hydraulic efficiency and combines it with the lightest most compact design in its class.

  • Stainless steel spinning teeth
  • Long range penetrating jet
  • Dense wide angle fog pattern
  • Constant flow rates
  • Easily maintained
  • Colour options available


Constant Flow Settings Available (at 6 bar)
Flameskill 750C = 285 or 460 or 600 or 750 litres per minute
Cohesive jet and dense water spray pattern at each flow setting. Normal operating range 5 to 8 bar, but fully operational at pressures as low as 3.5 bar.

Powerful Fog Pattern – Stainless Steel Spinning Teeth
Computer designed stainless steel spinning teeth produce an extremely dense fog pattern, giving excellent fire fighting capability and higher degrees of personal protection.

Narrow Angle Click Setting
The nozzle jey/spray pattern has a single narrow angle click position, which is positive enough to hold the setting in operational use and is easily identifiable in ‘blind’ fire scenarios.

Low Maintenance and Rugged Construction
The stainless steel ball valve design means only minimal maintenance.



Additional Information

Inlet Coupling

2.5″ Instantaneous Male, Storz C (KA 66mm), Storz 65 (KA 81mm), GOST 50, GOST 70, NOR 1, NOR 2, UNI 45, UNI 70

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