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Crowcon Detective Wireless Gas Detector

Crowcon Detective Wireless is a module that can replace interconnecting cables for Detective+. Detective Wireless will transmit gas alert signals and other alarms wirelessly between Detective units using a 433MHz signal up to 100 metres in distance.

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Product Description


Detective Wireless uses the proven RICOCHET mesh network. When establishing a mesh network, Detective Wireless automatically selects the best line to give strongest interconnections. Should wireless connection between two devices weaken, the network will ‘self-heal’ and automatically re-route communications via alternate RICOCHET enabled devices, creating a mesh type network that provides a more robust and efficient wireless network.

When Detective+ goes into alarm, the signal will be sent to other units alerting the user to gas being present in the area. If the signal is weak due to heavy metal work being present the Detective Wireless can be used as a repeater to boost the signal between units. In a confined space the unit can use up to 20 metres of cable to position the unit in a location that will increase signal.

Versatile and user friendly

  • Infrared sensor available – allows sampling of highly flammable gas levels and carbon dioxide. They are also unaffected by poisoning
  • Built-in pump option – provides fast response and extra sensor protection and sampling versatility
  • Clear display – provides clear information and allows identification of gas hazard

Rugged, tripod design

  • Raised sensor apertures – prevents water ingress
  • Folding or fixed leg options – allows stacking for easier storage and transportation
  • IP65 specifications – provides excellent sensor protection

Loud and clear alarms

  • 25 Detective+ units may be linked together, up to 100m from adjacent units – all linked Detective+ units indicate an alarm sensed by any one unit
  • Units sending an alarm flash faster – provides effective warning of gas hazards
  • Audible and visible confidence blip
  • Vivid red LED clusters for visual alarm
  • Multiple beacons – ensures 360o visibility



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