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JB08 Helicopter Crash Rescue Equipment Chest CAP437

JB08 Helicopter Crash Rescue Equipment Chest CAP437

Typical use: Helicopter Crash Rescue Equipment (excluding ladder and grab hook). (Fitted with 316 Stainless Steel J-hooks)


Product Description

Typical use: Storage of Helicopter crash equipment (Fitted with 316 Stainless Steel Helicrash rescue brackets)

Standard Specification Approvals: Lloyds Register Type Test Approved IP Rating:IP56

Dimensions mm: Height x width x depth: 1474 x 918 x 477
Aperture: 1234 x 704
Internal depth: 405mm
Weight kg: 33

Material Specification
Colour: Red BS4800 04 E 53
Material: 3-4mm nominal thickness GRP
Hinges: 316 Stainless steel hinges
Door handle: Recessed nylon rod
Door catch: Nylon ball and socket catch
Seal: EPDM
Reinforcements: 150mm sq pads to top and bottom of back


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