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Water Shield/Curtain

Water Shield/Curtain

Water Shield / Water Curtain / Hydroshield portable water curtain. M2564

Product Code: LA500-250-00 – Light Alloy Inlet
Product Code: GN500-250-00 – Gunmetal Inlet


Product Description

Water Shields/Curtains are designed to quickly and easily establish large water walls, water curtains to protect against heat, sparts, smoke and gases.

Inlet: 2.5″ Instantaneous Male to BS 336 or 2″ BSP Male with most Intenational inlet adaptors available.

Materials: Main Body – Aluminium Painted Red, Inlet Adaptor – Light Alloy or Gunmetal.

Model Water Flow @ 5 bar    Curtain Height @ 5 bar   Curtain Width @ 5 bar  
800 L/Min 800 L/Min 6mtr 24mtr
1400 L/Min 1400 L/Min 7mtr 26mtr

Additional Information

Nozzle Size

1400 L/Min Water Shield/Curtain, 800 L/Min Water Shield/Curtain


2.5 Instantaneous Male, 2″ BSP Male, Storz C (KA 66mm), Storz 65 (KA 81mm)

Inlet material

Light Alloy, Gunmetal

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