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Servicing Fire Extinguisher


Flameskill can supply, install, service and maintain all your fire safety requirements. We have the knowledge and experience, backed up by our accreditations and approvals.

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Refurbishing Fire Extinguisher


Our workshop and test facilities enable us to carry out all service and maintenance work in-house. Flameskill has invested a great deal over the years to make us as efficient and cost-effective as possible, without the need of using any other third party company.

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Helipad Fire Fighting Solutions


We have the expertise, knowledge and experience to design, install, commission, modify and maintain all types of fire systems and products. Over the years Flameskill have undertaken many special bespoke projects, and delivered the requirement set out by our clients.

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FOGTEC High Pressure Water Mist

Flameskill is a UK distributor for FOGTEC High-pressure water mist systems. People, assets, and buildings are protected quickly and with far less water damage when compared to a traditional sprinkler system. Using just 10% of the water a traditional sprinkler system would use, FOGTEC is the perfect choice for upgrade works and new systems requiring a smaller water tank.

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