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Fire Extinguishers Colchester

Fire extinguisher servicing Colchester

We cover the whole of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex for fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance, all fire extinguisher servicing in and around Colchester is carried out by BAFE Registered Service Technicians in accordance with BS 5306 Part 3:2009. Fire extinguisher service should be inspected on an annual basis to comply with industry-standard recommendations.

There are many fire extinguisher types and regulations, so to ensure that employers meet their legal obligation under the Fire Regulatory Reform Order we offer fire extinguisher training in and around Colchester as well as fire risk assessments.

Fire alarm system service Colchester

FlameSkill has engineers in Colchester that can carry out all your fire alarm testing, maintenance, installations, and design. Fire alarm systems need to be serviced by a competent person. Normally 50% of all smoke fire alarm detectors, sounders etc are checked at every 6 monthly services to ensure 100% check annually. Records of tests should be made in the fire logbook. For more information on fire alarm systems and maintenance in Colchester please click here to contact us.

If you are looking for a fire protection company you can trust and rely on in the Colchester area, contact us for a free site survey and quotation – Call us free on 0800 1694 222 to contact us.



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