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Fire Proof Lineline

Fire Proof Lifeline CAP437

Helicopter Crash Rescue Equipment CAP437 – Fire Proof Lifeline c/w Stainless Steel Shackle. This fire proof life line is available in a number of different lengths.

Product Code:
BR00-6618-00 – 15mtr (50ft) Lifeline
BR00-6619-00 – 22mtr (70ft) Lifeline
BR00-6620-00 – 30mtr Lifeline
BR00-6621-00 – 40mtr Lifeline


Product Description

Core made from 72 strands of flexible galvanised steel wire with an outer covering of plaited jute, giving an outer circumference of 3.175 cm. Breaking strain of not less than 1 ton (1016 kg). A non ferrous brass swivel shackle has a breaking strain of 1200 kg. The lifelines are available in varying lengths from 22 metres to 61 metres as standard. Other lengths can be made up to order as required.

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15mtr, 22mtr, 30mtr


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